Friday, August 22, 2014

The End

Day 9 AND 10

These two days are combined because the events can be summed up in less than a paragraph. We got up, worked at Reykjavik University to finish up our capstones, presented our capstones, returned to Hotel Hlid (the hotel from the first few days), got all sentimental, had a good time, slept, went to Reykjavik, walked around for a few hours, then said good-bye. :(

Here's our capstone:

Essentially, we took all the processes in brewing and used geothermal heating when heat was necessary instead of converting geothermal energy to electricity to then be converted back to heat. Since electricity in Iceland is produced almost entirely from renewable sources, this was a purely renewably brewed beer!

Ask me for greater detail if you're interested in the sentimental hoo-ha and the good-byes. In short: I had to say good-bye to multiple people multiple times because it was too hard to let the end be official. I've left friends for college in the past, but there was something unique about the group of peers I had the pleasure to adventure with in Iceland that made saying good-bye that much more difficult. Maybe it was because we knew we wouldn't see each other again, or because we all shared in a unique experience that no one else can ever recreate. Friends for life.

If you're curious as to what I did for the next ten days in Iceland with Sam, Cam, and Paige, ask away! I won't be blogging about that part of the adventure (nor am I required to~).

Quality Image of the Day(s):

It was a beautiful end to a beautiful adventure. 

If you know me at all or have read this blog in its entirety, you know I'd
make this face regardless of my level of intoxication. Yes, I'm 21,
so this is legal in Iceland and in the States. PC: Maggie Norton
Oh, and it's worth noting that this was not a planned picture. Maggie is just very skilled.

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