Friday, May 30, 2014

Let's Getchya Up To Speed Then, Shall We?

So you're reading my blog about my adventures in Iceland? Well, I should introduce myself.



Right. This is just me typing. So I'll continue, assuming you said, "Hi, what is your name and major... and [insert more icebreaker questions here]?"

Well, my name is Yeshar Hadi and I'm double majoring in Materials Science and Engineering, and Physics at Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2016. I heard about a little thing called the GREEN Program, which claimed to be a renewable energy program for adventurous youths, and, after applying, found myself accepted to it. Now I'm in Iceland! I had actually heard of this program long before I applied to it. What initially stopped me from applying was the hefty program fee, but I got a bit of help from Carnegie Mellon to ease the blow. Here comes a shameless plug: the Office of International Education awarded me the Tartans Abroad Scholarship and the Carnegie Institute of Technology granted me the CIT Travel Grant (I'm funny). Yay for CMU trying to help its students! <3 

For now, I'd like to lay out a quick framework of how I'll be approaching this here blog. I was warned that I might not have very much time to write full-on blog entries every night during the program, which ended up being very true. With that in mind, I made sure I noted important happenings each day so that when I came back home to the States, I'd be able to write up the blog entries with all the time in the world. 

But let's be honest: a random, unannounced upload of twenty or so blog entries wouldn't be as exciting as daily updates, making you feel like you're experiencing everything with me now would it? I have to build some suspense! So I'll be uploading one entry every day, as though I was sitting down after each day of my adventures in Iceland, sharing everything I could for my dear readers. But in reality, I'll be snuggled up in my swivel chair at home, cackling maniacally as I lie to you all about being in Iceland. That's a cute idea, innit?

So that's that! I'll probably begin cataloging my adventures on June 3 or 4. Until then~